Who We Are?

Our Mission

International Initiative Organization For Human Right – IIOHR promotes an innovative, values-based approach to peace building. International Initiative Organization For Human Right – IIOHR programs support social cohesion, empower families, build models of development, and promote moral and innovative leadership. We are an alliance of organizers and advocates taking the work of peace building from the margins of society into the center of national discourse and policy priorities. We champion a comprehensive, collaborative approach to peace and peace building.

Our tools include:

Peace building Education
Protecting  Women and Children
Legislative Advocacy

Collaboration with citizens and organizations for a greater voice for peace.

By clustering our efforts into five dedicated cornerstones we educate and amplify a broader voice for the peace building movement

Cultivating Personal Peace
Empowering Community Peace-building
Teaching Peace in Schools
Humanizing Justice Systems
Fostering International Peace

What We Do

One of the unique things that the IIOHR does is to focus on not only on doing, and also being.  We shift human understanding toward empathy, compassion and connection, thus fostering interdependence among citizens and dialogue toward common ground and peaceful solutions to conflict. This is the only approach that will work.

Our Organization Council Leads establish what they feel are the clear and direct actions, through education, advocacy or collaboration, to expand and reinforce this shift to compassionate understanding and an expanded culture of peace.

Our Vision

International Initiative Organization For Human Right – IIOHR vision for the Inclusive cluster is to transform the power dynamics fueling violence through the inclusive engagement of tradition- and faith-oriented leaders, women and youth in peace-building. The inclusive cluster cuts across all the activities of the Network. Specific objectives of the work include the following


To evolve deepened understanding regarding the challenges and opportunities of engaging gender, youth and minorities in religious and traditional peacemaking that effectively link to broader peace mediation and -building processes.


To ensure consistent consultations with and among gender, youth, minorities and (in collaboration with) Network Members that contribute directly to the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and refinements of all processes and actions related to Network activities.


To support actions that advance inclusive engagement in religious and traditional peacemaking that link to broader peace and -building processes.


To advance advocacy initiatives with the Inter-agency on Youth, Peace and Security and the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security and Network members. Networking Broadened & Deepened